Stockings Shadow red/black space-front

Product: 0763S-red

  • This set of stockings, a key element of our Fusion Collection, is a must-have for enthusiasts of garter belts. With its striking geometric design and the blend of diverse textures, it crafts an exceptional garment that captures attention. [garter belt-underwear-top not included]

  • Custom Made underwear are available. Read more at our SIZE CHART.

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  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • A dual-texture blend of black fabric and red mesh
  • Slow Fashion production process
  • Thoroughly tested
  • All sizes inclusive
  • Certified Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 cotton fabrics
  • Ecce Homo is excited to unveil the Fusion Collection, featuring striking black and red pieces crafted from high-quality cotton. Inspired by the lived experiences of trans individuals, this collection masterfully blends solid black with sheer mesh, creating intriguing and sensual designs. It celebrates the interplay between hiding and revealing, a signature aspect of queer existence.

  • Our flat-front and space-in-front products encapsulate our brand's message, challenging the traditional gender spectrum and redefining the global queer undergarments market.

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