Hello folks

Almost every story starts with some looney characters, a journey, and a destination. In our case, the main characters are Panos and Stefanos, two best friends*, the journey is called Ecce Homo, and our destination is no one else but you guys!

Since our teen years, the time has passed irreversibly, yet the same spark still burns inside us. Maybe this explains somehow how we have ended up here, how we have joined our forces in our quest for providing you with the best queer undergarments.

Long story short, a couple of years ago, Panos was casually surfing the web looking to buy his partner a decent underwear as a gift. He was quite sure that a company, that not only produces high quality undergarments for the LGBTIQ+ community, but also one with a strong social responsibility policy, was somewhere out there. To his great disappointment, he came face to face with the harsh reality of the queer market. In other words, he came across oversexualized low-quality underwear.

Sharing his concern with Stefanos, they took together a life-changing decision right there and then: ‘let us produce ourselves the products we cannot find online’!

In the following years, this initial idea has evolved into a multifaceted queer apparel company that addresses all queer folks and their allies across Europe.

We, the colourful team of Ecce Homo, are gathered around a common goal: to provide our customers with solutions to meet their need for high-quality clothing, and with the means to craft their unique gender and sexual identities.

Join the ride!

*(John don’t be jealous of course you belong to the Best buddies list, but we are narrating a story)

ECCE HOMO TEAM (Alphabetical order)