We are sure you noticed that the nipples of both men and women in our e-shop’s pictures are equally blurred. And you are probably wondering why this is so since the commonplace practice in fashion industry and social media is to cover only the female nipples.  

Let us be clear with you. In Ecce Homo, we promote in practice the equality among all genders not only via our designs  and the visual contents produced and used for advertising purposes, but also via our Corporate Social Responsibility program.  

We dare to go against the current of mainstream fashion by challenging the double standards in place regarding genders in terms of their representation. We see the potential of a political statement inscribed on our very bodies, beyond the mere functionality and the beauty of our clothes. 

Let's be more than aware of how unjust and indeed hurtful to so many people who identify as women or femininities the policing of their bodies and the taming of their sexuality is. And until the sexist rules of the heteropatriarchal game change, we choose to fight back and join the worldwide Free the Nipple movement by taking this prudish rule to its logical extreme and extending it to our male models as well.