Ecce Homo goes MicroModal 


After three successful collections, Ecce Homo is proud to announce the launching of its Prime Collection made out of the amazing MicroModal fabric in three vibrant colors, magenta, steel grey, and blueberry blue with matching magenta and chartreuse line straps. MicroModal has its roots back to the 1950s Japan where it was initially developed, but it has conquered the fashion world ever since as an increasingly popular textile for undergarments.

The MicroModal is a specific type of modal rayon with its incredibly thin fibres tightly woven into a silky-to-the-touch premium quality fabric that stands out for its incredible softness and exceptional breathability. Not only it offers a cool fit against the body rending a top choice for summer clothing, but it is also resistant to shrinkage and creasing as it is extremely stretchy. Furthermore, MicroModal is a perfect option for those who work out as it wicks the moisture, holds its shape and has antibacterial properties making it this way both comfortable and hygienic.

Ecce Homo micromodal underwear

But that’s not the end of the story! MicroModal is also a highly sustainable and completely bio-degradable material. First of all, the beech trees from which is derived are self-seeding plants and as such, a renewable resource. Moreover, it is a long-lasting fabric that resists pilling, wrinkling, and fading, and hence it is able to withstand multiple washings without losing any of its unique traits. Finally, the processing of the material itself is more environmentally friendly than the ones required for other fabrics, since, because of its homogeneity, the emissions and the natural resources are significantly reduced. For example, beech trees need more than 10 times less water to grow than the plants from which other bio-based textiles come.    

All these reasons render MicroModal the best fabric for Ecce Homo’s luxury underwear line, yet in competitive prices in order for each and every one of our customers to be able to afford a product and get a feeling of this amazing material.   Check out our new Prime Collection here!