Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Ecce Homo as a proud member and strong supporter of the queer community of Europe!

Ecce Homo is a queer apparel start-up based in Greece that designs, manufactures, and retails undergarments all around Europe. Our clothes speak for themselves when it comes to diversity, visibility, and inclusion. Yet, this is not the end of the story in our case! 

Ecce Homo takes pride in its Corporate Social Responsibility program deeply rooted at the core of our corporate identity. On the one hand, 5% of the price of each purchase is donated to a charity of consumer’s choice devoted to the advocacy, empowerment, and support of queer community in major European cities. To be clear, this amount does not fall on our customers in any way, and it is rather withheld from the firm’s income. On the other hand, we commit ourselves to creating soon a product line specifically for the pre-operative trans women and men, one of the most vulnerable groups within LGBTIQ+ community itself, available at below-cost prices. 

If you want to know more about our CSR plan click here.