InterACT - Advocates for Intersex Youth

InterACT – Advocates for Intersex Youth (formerly known as Advocates for Informed Choice) was founded in 2006 by attorney Anne Tamar-Mattis in Boston, Massachusetts. They use innovative legal and other strategies to advocate for the human rights of children, teens, and twenty-somethings born with intersex traits or variations of sex development. According to their Compassion Statement, the law, properly use, is a tool for achieving justice; and justice, properly understood, has compassion at its heart. To accomplish this, InterACT advocates on behalf of intersex youth in the courts, in the development of local and national policy, and through collaboration on research to address pressing issues identified by the intersex community. It should be mentioned that InterACT remains the only intersex-led advocacy organization in the United States with the ability to employ full-time lawyers who work for intersex bodily autonomy. In addition, they work to respectfully include the voices of intersex people in various media to raise awareness about intersex issues by consulting on various projects, and providing expertise, information, and real intersex stories. Among their goals is building advocacy skills and support for the next generation of young intersex leaders. 

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