The Fusion Collection

Don't mesh with it!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I don’t know about you, and I hope you ‘re doing ok, but we, queer Greeks, have never been better! As we saw in the last two blog articles by Ecce Homo, the Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, had announced the past few weeks that his right-wing government was to bring a bill regarding same-sex marriage and full joint adoption by same-sex couples to parliament in the foreseeable future. And guess what? After a heated debate among the parliament members, a vote on the legislation took place on 15 February with the bill passing by 175 votes to 77, which is majority support across the political spectrum despite the moral outrage of the Far-right, the Greek Orthodox Church, and the conservatives! To be sure, in one of the most recent polls conducted in late January by Metron Analysis, a percentage of 62% expressed approval, with only 36% disagreeing, indicating that same-sex marriage is now widely accepted. However, the same poll showed that, regarding adoption rights for same-sex couples, only 30% expressed positive views, with 69% opposed. The bill was finally signed into law by President Katerina Sakellaropoulou and took effect upon publication in the Government Gazette on 16 February 2024

This is a landmark development and a historical victory for the LGBTIQA+ community in Greece that was fighting for these rights for many decades as the 2015 extension of the cohabitation agreements to same-sex couples was a half solution to the very real needs of rainbow families and couples. Having said that, it comes as no surprise that this legislative reform was greeted with cheers by onlookers in Syntagma Square -next to many conservatives who were holding crosses, reading prayers, and singing passages from the Bible- and dozens supporters of LGBTIQA+ rights who gathered on the streets of Athens responding to open calls by queer organizations followed by many parties taking place the last weekend in the capital and the co-capital, Thessaloniki, the home of our queer fashion brand! Let us just state for the record that this Monday was a hard one at the offices of Ecce Homo after the weekend-long wild celebrations! With this law, Greece becomes the twenty-eighth state member of the European Union to have legalized same-sex marriage and joint adoption, the first one in south-eastern Europe, and the first Orthodox Christian country to allow such unions in the world! Not bad, huh?

Jumping right to the next piece of news we would like to share with you…well, a brand-new underwear collection is already in the works for quite some and is about to be launched on our e-shop the following weeks! Signed by the one and only Chara Georgakis, our fashion designer, this collection is titled Fusion and as soon as you lay your eyes on the designs, you will get why! For the time being, the pics that accompany this article give you enough of a taste to leave you wanting more! All we can share for now is that, at Ecce Homo, we are really proud to present the Fusion Collection in black and red made of supreme quality cotton fabrics and inspired by the experiences of trans persons. Fusing the impenetrable black and the transparent mesh into unexpected and erotic combinations, this collection, our seventh one, brings forth the play of concealment and revelation that marks queer lives. Once again, Ecce Homo with its v-shape and u-shape, space-front and flat-front products dares to make a difference in the European market by designing genuinely queer tops for all genders and body types that bypass the gender binarism of most queer underwear brands. 

In addition, the top-quality cotton fabrics used and the slow-fashion production process render this collection an environmentally sustainable one so you can get your hands on these goodies guilt-free! When it comes to the items of the collection, Fusion offers solutions to your everyday needs with undergarments, such as leggings, briefs, and trunks, and tops, such as t-shirts, tank tops, and bralettes. Among them, one could find some special treats designed especially for you, like garter belts and bodysuits, and unique accessories, like gloves, garters, and spats! Do not also forget that Ecce Homo as a body-positive brand offers all its products in sizes ranging from XS all the way to 5XL. On top of that, custom-made undergarments and tops are also available with just 5€ extra cost added. Keep also in mind that we continue to support financially our community partners via our extended CSR program. 5% of the price of each purchase is donated to a charity of the consumer’s choice devoted to the advocacy, empowerment, and support of the queer community in major European cities.

Last but not least, the time has come to talk about the mesh cotton fabric! I am sure that Ecce Homo’s friends and customers are familiar with this unique fishnet-like fabric from our previous collections, but the mesh is at the heart of the Fusion Collection! Mesh has been around for thousands of years, especially as a material used for practical purposes, like constructing literal fishnets and hammocks. However, the history of mesh as a fabric used for constructing garments dates back to 1888 when Lewis Haslam, a self-made man and director of cotton spinning and manufacturing companies, invented the mesh fabric as we know it today in England taking inspiration from his aunt’s loosely woven gloves! It wasn’t until the 1980s when the mesh fabric’s popularity exploded thanks to the sportswear industry and the immense influence exerted by fashion icons – singers of the time. Since then the mesh fabric has become a staple thanks to its versatility, amazing properties, and unique appearance and texture. 

Among these properties are its high breathability, elasticity, and durability. Despite its light-woven and permeable texture, it is supportive, can withstand temperature changes, and is wrinkle-free! As a result, it does not get bogged down with sweat as its airy structure provides excellent ventilation and sweat management minimizing this way the risk of irritation. It can conform to different sizes without losing its initial shape and it is less likely to crease or shrink. For all these reasons, the mesh is the perfect choice for both underwear and activewear, that’s why Fusion also includes products, such as leggings and t-shirts, having in mind its performance-oriented qualities that make mesh the ideal fabric for active pursuits! Stylistically, it can upgrade any look with aesthetic qualities, while its translucent structure goes hand in hand with the privacy it offers. Furthermore, our cotton mesh is really easy to take care of since gentle cycle and air dry would do the trick! Avoid aggressive solvents, don’t keep it undried for too long, don’t let the stains linger and you will be fine! In any case, consult our care label before washing any mesh fabric clothing item and join Ecce Homo in its mission for an eco-friendlier fashion industry! 

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