Caring for your undies: An Ecce Homo guide!

Many times, during the course of this blog, we have talked about queer fashion and LGBTIQ+ representation, some of our collections have been presented, and discussions on fabrics and sustainability have taken place as well. The time has come to get physical with the technical part, that is with how to best take care of your favorite and precious Ecce Homo underwear! Just a gesture after all is an intimate act of care. Taking care of our most intimate clothes that caress our bodies is ultimately self-care. Moreover, it makes us careful of our environment as it prolongs the lifespan of the products in question. Many of Ecce Homo’s collections are made mostly of two types of environmentally friendly fabric: organic cotton and MicroModal, and in this post, we are going to share with you our secrets of how to care properly for your undies! In any case, before washing and drying, read the care instructions that can be found on the care tag!

Let’s talk organic cotton!

Our supreme quality cotton fabric is a completely natural -cellulosic- textile fiber, one of the most used materials for apparel in the world. The specific properties of such a fabric make it perfect for manufacturing undergarments since it resists static electricity built-up, it is comfortable to wear, soft to the touch, breathable, and absorbent. Furthermore, cotton is really strong and resilient as it can easily withstand detergents, heat, and bleach, qualities that make it irresistible when it comes to underwear that requires regular washing in order to keep a high level of hygiene. cotton itself as an all-natural fiber is environmentally sustainable given the fact that it is a renewable, recyclable -using old garments and textile leftovers- and biodegradable resource, all of which play a significant role in reducing or avoiding pollution. 

Care instructions: 

  • use cold wash or maximum 30° C / 86° F water temperature 
  • use a gentle eco-friendly laundry detergent 
  • avoid conventional softeners as well as bleach 
  • wash inside out and wash with similar colors 
  • re-shape while damp 
  • prefer air or hang dry, or tumble dry at low heat 
  • can be ironed at a low to medium temperature 
  • treat stains immediately by rinsing them with cold or warm water 
  • better not to use a clothes steamer  

Let’s talk MicroModal!

The MicroModal is a specific type of modal rayon with its incredibly thin fibers tightly woven into a silky-to-the-touch premium quality fabric that stands out for its incredible softness and exceptional breathability. Not only it offers a cool fit against the body rendering it a top choice for summer clothing, but it is also resistant to shrinkage and creasing as it is extremely stretchy. Furthermore, MicroModal is a perfect option for those who work out as it wicks the moisture, holds its shape, and has antibacterial properties making it this way both comfortable and hygienic. But that’s not the end of the story! MicroModal is also a highly sustainable and completely bio-degradable material. 

Care instructions: 

  • wash in the washing machine on the cool wash setting, or on a temperature lower than 60° C / 104 ° F, or even better, hand wash but soak the fabric for the least amount of time 
  • avoid chlorine-based or strong detergent 
  • use a gentle cycle to avoid high spin speeds 
  • avoid a tumble drier, instead, hang the clothes to dry in fresh air 
  • iron the clothes only when it's necessary, at the lowest temperature, inside out, and through a damp cloth keep 
  • chemical-based cosmetic products, such as perfumes, and alcohol-based solvents far away from clothes 
  • avoid chemical or organic solvents to remove stains