Crop Top Cyclo black V-shape

Product: 0437V-black

  • Part of our Prime Collection, this black top made of top quality MicroModal is accompanied by thin chantreause line straps securing a perfect fit and a colourful look (underwear not included). Just right above the belly button and with a premium softness, you can wear it at all times.

  • Custom Made underwear are available. Read more at our SIZE CHART.

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Properties of Micromodal

  • Very breathable – cool fit against the body
  • Incredible soft – premium softness
  • Resistant to shrinkage – it wicks moisture
  • Durable – it holds its shape
  • Unparalleled Lightness
  • Antibacterial attributes
  • Sustainable
  • Silky to the touch
  • Supreme comfort
  • Best return to your investment
  • Ecce Homo proudly presents its Prime Collection that goes MicroModal all the way! Very breathable with a cool fit against the body, not only it wicks moisture but it’s also silky to the touch while it holds its shape in the long term, MicroModal is the one if you really want to get your money’s worth and experience supreme comfort in your underwear.
  • Our U body shape and V body shape products take a decisive step towards an understanding of fashion that queers the repressive gender binarism by reducing it to a mere matter of fitting and functionality.


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