Biker's Voyage lime space-front

Product: 0182S-lime-yellow

  • Eclipse Biker Leggings are a well-formed fitting piece of cloth that extends from the knees to the waist. Designed with the unique Eclipse style, the holes are playful, leaving certain skin areas exposed, composing a stylish and Fitness apparel in one.
  • Custom Made underwear are available. Read more at our SIZE CHART.

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  • Cotton 95% - Elastane 5%
  • Oeko-tex 100 Certified
  • Slow Fashion production process
  • Thoroughly tested
  • All sizes inclusive
  • Yes, Eclipse collection has a mission: To trigger feelings and to expose oneself. Eclipse makes you the center of the universe by turning imperfections into perfections, liberating you from stereotypical images.
  • The lime shade of this yellow is the perfect color for the eclipse collection as it inspires confidence and radiates energy. 
  • In Ecce Homo, we promote the equality among all genders, and we choose to fight back and join the worldwide Free the Nipple movement. If you want to read more Click: FreeTheNipple 
  • Our space in front and flat front products present Ecce Homo’s creative attempt to bypass the gender binarism that plagues the vast majority of queer underwear companies, without resorting to terms that eventually reinstall the same binarism they set off to problematize.

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